Creating Impact for Change

Gender Lens Investing

Gender Lens Investing (GLI) is the intentional act of making investment decisions and adopting processes and policies because it will have a positive effect on women, girls, or gender equity.

We believe that investing with a gender lens is not an “add on” and should be integrated into the core of investments, including the process, the people making decisions and the selection criteria.  Our focus is working with commercially oriented investors and fund managers to create structures and products that have real impact to move beyond counting women and move toward valuing women and creating positive change over the long term.

Impact Fund Structuring & Advisory

We have deep and broad experience in both development issues and private sector financial services.  This gives us a unique position as an intermediary to develop impactful program or investment theses, fund structures, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and products that create long-term, sustainable impact.

Risk management

Removing risk when making investment decisions is impossible, particularly when working in emerging markets.  Our approach focuses on resilience, meaning we actively identify risks across a variety of spheres, and work to pro-actively mitigate those risks.  Since we work across 6 continents in a variety of emerging-- and emerged-- markets, those risks vary. Our specialty is risk management in financial institutions and fund structures (debt and equity) with a concentration in developing countries.

Diversity & Inclusion

Finance is a blunt instrument, meaning you can point it (generally speaking) in a variety of directions and create some improvements.  To create systemic change, we focus on using financial tools to create specific, positive change for sectors and populations typically under-represented or locked out of traditional financing.  This includes creating financial products, structures and systems that fundamentally challenge and change not only the end-users of finance, but also who is making the decisions about who gets funded, when they get funded and the financial instruments used to fund growing businesses.

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